Will ‘o the Wisp

Header image by Stan Dalone and Miran Rijavec under Creative Commons 2.0.

Last night I dreamt I was a student at some sort of school, training people to seek out mythical creatures of all kinds; I’d specialised in ghosts and ghost-like beings, and I was given a month to bring back one such being. Most people formed into groups or partnered up with other people; I partnered up with a classmate. We agreed that we wouldn’t look for anything in particular, just that we’d try and bring back whatever we saw. Continue reading


End of an Era

Header image by Bert.Kilanowski under Creative Commons 4.0.

I dreamt I was reliving my memories. Not actual memories, but ones from a life I’d lived for the purpose of the dream, as I looked through the photos on the old and long since full digital camera I held. The first memory I have a clear recollection of is living in a house full of people, seeing them leave one by one. I was around the fourth last to leave, and I remember seeing a display – where pictures of our faces were, there were blank slots bar the three people left. Maybe it was some sort of contest. I don’t remember any animosity between anybody in the house, though. After the end, I remember exploring the now empty house. I didn’t see any of those people afterwards, and it all just kind of…faded away.

The second memory is lost to time. Continue reading