Audio – Summertime Blues

So Celeste (and Kingmaker implied) from Beginning of the End comes back, huh? I’m surprised. The stargazing was pretty beautiful if I remember. I don’t get too many chances to stargaze in real life any more, though I’ll always remember the few times I saw a shooting star walking home. The mansion’s technology was running Windows 7 or something similar if I remember, yet the other technologies seemed to be a lot more advanced. It’s a dream I’ve probably had a few times before though, similar ones anyway, so I’m not sure if I have TOO much to say on this one…it had kind of a Southern (USA) touch to it? I liked it myself.

I just hope for more interesting dreams, I guess? I can’t really tell when my lazy days and my busy days will be anymore.


Audio – Until Next Time

I was also watching BBC Proms: Seth MacFarlane Sings Sinatra both times I was writing this. Surprised at how much I loved it, so I downloaded BBC iPlayer and downloaded the performance for offline viewing.

So yeah, part one of that was influenced by Till I Die and the second by Undella Town (Autumn/Winter/Spring). Recently I’ve been writing just to keep myself sane as I’ve been in reality waaaay too much recently, if that makes sense. As in, being aware of everything and worrying about it and sometimes I just have to do something about that, but I’m not sure how. Writing helps though.

This time, I decided to try something different; I wanted to try to write the last chapter of a story that didn’t exist, bar the part I was writing. As it turns out, I really am suited to only short stories, as I had trouble making it anything long. I have a tendency to try and compress lots of information inside only a few words. I also seemingly use very little to no similes, which is something I see nearly all authors use. They all manage to have a book’s worth of information that isn’t at all uninteresting. Maybe I could try that, include more information in a scene without leaving it to implications. But it just feels like I’m unravelling everything when I try to do that. I can’t really tell to what degree I’ve done that with this one though, considering I did it across the space of several days.

I was also captivated by Eve within the first half hour. I very much like her as a character. She’s a lot sillier than I thought she would be, too. I wonder what happened with Jackson and his son, and why his son’s there with him. I’d need the rest of the story there, I suppose.

As for dreamlogs, it seems I’m back to normal frequency. I do have a lot of dreams I think about the morning after, but I forget too much before I can sit down and write it down.

Audio – Knight

I realise now that this seems a bit like Attack on Titan. Hah. The track fits perfectly though.

I started that one earlier in the day but I went out, so I only just got back onto this an hour or so ago. I wasn’t really sure how to properly finish it though, so maybe I should have done it all in one go.

Also, I forgot my notepad when I went home yesterday so I couldn’t go for my story a day. Oops. At this point, I’m using this more for worldbuilding (is that the right term?) and slight variations in writing style. I’ve seemingly found the writing style I like the most now though it’s one of the harder ones to write for.

Audio – The Clock Tower

Creative Commons 2.5? Haven’t seen that one before.

That was actually part of a dream I had last night. But I didn’t remember it when I woke up, hence why it became a story instead.

The first part of my dream was me writing my story a day. Yeah, it happened again. I remember writing about two men sitting by a fireplace at a table talking about something, holding glasses of Irish whisky. They were talking about a woman, and then I wrote about what she did. I don’t remember what she did, but I suddenly switched to second person. At the end of the dream, I looked at the story to see why I did that, but I never found any answers. I might just make this a story a day anyway.