Audio – Canopy

I didn’t want to spend too much time picking the audio, it’s really late as it is, I should be getting to sleep very soon.

(Later edit: Okay uh, this one gets kind of personal, kinda? It was pretty late anyway, but I’m just giving you a heads up.)

There was still something about that dream I can’t put into words. If I were to interpret it it’d be probably be something like “dissatisfaction with the way my adult life has gone so far” or “disappointment as to how bland the real world truly is”. While I wouldn’t disagree with that I don’t think I feel those things very strongly. And anyway, it is just a dream. But I’ve been having a lot of dreams where I see old schoolmates. It does make me feel at least a little guilty that I don’t talk to any of them any more. But hey, that’s just the way things have gone. I can definitely live with it. While I do sometimes feel directionless, I always find something to distract myself.

Okay, this is going to descend into me possibly accidentally revealing too much about my general feelings about stuff, so I’m going to end it here and go to bed. (Sorry if this got a little too deep.)


Audio – Consequence

Considering the fact that the dream was about resets and loading and stuff like that, of course it was going to be something by Toby Fox.

This dream seems to be similar to The Old Bridge Incident in which I relive the events of the day, trying to do things in the right order to make things right. I like this style of dream.

So yeah, sorry for not posting in a while. Again, I haven’t really been remembering much and I’ve been too busy to most days. It only take a few hours before I forget a dream and I don’t have those hours most days to sit down and write them down.

I actually did have a somewhat interesting dream a while ago, but it was a clear rip-off of the plot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution anyway, so I didn’t write it down. (Having great fun on that game – just started my third playthrough.) I’ve been focusing on other things in my spare time as well, so not much original writing…

Well, hopefully I’ll remember more in the next few months, I guess? If not, see you in a month.

Audio – Second Chances

I tried my hand at it again. What did I write. Maybe I used a cliche and I don’t know it. FIGHT ME. Or don’t, because that would solve nothing. Don’t do it. It would be a terrible idea for everybody.

I’m more comfortable with it than I was before, though. Usually with anything approaching romance I just freeze up like a deer in the headlights because it’s something I have zero experience with whatsoever. Have I really found what I write best, though…? I haven’t strayed too far from my beginning genre and maybe I’d be super comfortable with the crime genre or something. It doesn’t matter though. As long as I find something I find fun then it’s good. And I got that already.

This time around, I tried to build it around music, or around the atmosphere the music created. The first track is what I started from and the second is what I feel fits it. I’ve actually built a lot of pieces around music or the atmospheres they create, though I doubt I remember which ones they are now. A fair amount of the time they end up deviating from the music too. I’ve taken a lot of ideas from everyday occurrences and the occasional stray thought, too. Most of my recent ones have been just that. I’ve been remembering more dreams, though few in their entirety. I watched Sister Act a few days ago and the following night’s dream was of me being in a choir. That was it. Just me doing choir stuff. We were a serious bunch there who really put ourselves into our work.

I bought Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on a whim from Comic-Con as well. It’s not amazing so far though I’m only up to episode 7 so far. I adore the opening and ending sequences though. Oops, I forgot to write a thing on Comic-Con. Will I? Is there anything to write?

Audio – The Witch’s Guidance

RETCON TIME! When I heard this, I instantly thought of The Witch’s Guidance. So to put myself to rest, I’m changing the audio. Everything just seems to click – it fits so much more. Lost child in a snowstorm? Right.

(NOTE: The last track was ZUN – Border of Life and the following is from that was the audio.)

This was an unlikely choice, but when I get a headache I listen to the Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith soundtrack also by ZUN. My headache was still there by the end so I put on the Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom soundtrack. It sounds silly, but Touhou soundtracks make good headache softeners AND seasonal soundtracks for me.

As for the dreamlog, it sounds fairytale-ish, but that is really how the dream went. It was only last night I had the dream and I still remember it more vividly than most dreams ~20 hours after I had them.

100th Post!!

Huzzah, 100th post! I got another short dreamlog, a Comic-Con report, notes on the blog and life, and an unfortunate thing to do with Nanowrimo. Maybe a few other things too. It’s still quite a post though. I believe I’ll start with the dreamlog.

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