Story A Day, Day 4 – Restart

Cropped header image by Aronkloth under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“It was a beautiful area. It’s a shame we have to reset it.”

The three of them sat around the banks overlooking a lake, green grass below, forest all around, and blue sky above; they appeared as two young ordinary-looking women and a young ordinary-looking man, all dressed in plain clothes.

One of the women spoke, in response to one of the other women sitting opposite her. “You don’t have to be so dramatic about it, Magus. There’s a good chance we’ll get another lake here anyway. And it’s not like there’ll be better in the next restart of this area, right?”

A groan came from the other two of them, and one put his hands to his face and fell backwards onto his back.

“That’s what you said about what used to be the Fiji Islands!” he said from behind his hands, still lying down in mock exasperation. Continue reading


Story A Day, Day 1 – Beyond

Header image by ForestWander under Creative Commons 3.0 United States.

Weary from their travels in the late afternoon, the three gazed at the semi-familiar town rising over the surface of the water, its pathways arching and dancing over and around the town’s structures, touching water and heading off out of sight, or even below the surface. Unsure whether they’d been rendered deaf to the world before this begun or simply staring at a town that would never stare back, they headed silently towards the nearest building to see if anybody was in.

The breeze felt uncharacteristically heavy against their faces as they trudged nearly reluctantly looking forward, each occasionally shifting their eyes to focus on something when they thought the others weren’t looking. The town itself was the same sight they’d always seen from below, however this time it was in quite a different context. Continue reading