Summertime Blues

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Last night I dreamt my family ran a mansion in the middle of the countryside near a verdant canyon; we had somewhat of a reputation for hosting a yearly summer ball. We’d just finished updating the computer systems some time late in the afternoon, and I started the dream in the computer suite finalising the updates with some of the mansion’s other technicians. The update went smoothly, and with no problems, and I left the computer suite to take a rest. Continue reading


To be Alive

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Last night, I dreamt I went for a night out with some people I knew. It might not sound like much at all, especially considering how common it can sometimes be, but the dream sticks with me and it reminded me of some of the best times I’ve had, so I will write it down. Continue reading


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Last night I dreamt I was visiting a quiet town in an unknown country with my family, all of us staying in an expensive suite high up in a hotel. It was a really nice town too, you could see all of it from this high up; the hotel was on the border between the edge of the town and a large river, and there was a dining area at the base of the hotel to capitalise on that. There was a canal cutting through the town about halfway from here to the hills, and halfway between that and the hills was a clock tower, which was the only building other than this hotel which could be called “tall”.  Continue reading


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I arrive at around half seven; The lights in the lobby are still dim as are the lights in the ballroom, though it’s still a welcome reprieve from the snowstorm raging outside. I can still see it through the semi-reflective glass doors, and if I were any closer, I’d probably hear it howling too. Ava and Ayame had encountered travel difficulties along the way, so they told me to make my own way to the event.

I took a moment to adjust my eyesight and glasses before signing in, and again afterwards. Walking into the ballroom, jacket draped over my left arm, I look around.  Continue reading

End of an Era

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I dreamt I was reliving my memories. Not actual memories, but ones from a life I’d lived for the purpose of the dream, as I looked through the photos on the old and long since full digital camera I held. The first memory I have a clear recollection of is living in a house full of people, seeing them leave one by one. I was around the fourth last to leave, and I remember seeing a display – where pictures of our faces were, there were blank slots bar the three people left. Maybe it was some sort of contest. I don’t remember any animosity between anybody in the house, though. After the end, I remember exploring the now empty house. I didn’t see any of those people afterwards, and it all just kind of…faded away.

The second memory is lost to time. Continue reading

The Fire Fades

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I dreamt a darkness was sweeping over the world. It was claiming people seemingly at random, though there were rumours it was affecting every single person who had gone to investigate where they thought the physical source of the phenomenon to be. Even those of us who chose to live our lives normally saw the difference – nightfall as early as 3pm. I’d heard of this darkness affecting a single person in a previous dream, but thought of it as nothing more than a rumour among many to explain his disappearance. For the first part of this dream, I was myself. For the second, nobody. Just a watcher not physically present.

Continue reading

Until Next Time

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“Look.” A bruised and beaten hero pointed out the spectacle to his son from a faraway hill. It was Jackson. Explosions in the sky; amber, silver, sapphire. Tonight’s spectacle in the night sky was of risk, of sacrifice, of escape, of triumph. “Daddy set up a fireworks show for you.”

His commander several miles away saw the same sight, standing in a forest clearing with her main advisor. “I never thought that would ever end. I suppose he had one more surprise. It’s just a shame. I would have loved to at least get the full specifications.” Her advisor replied absent-mindedly, eyes fixed above. “I don’t think anything good would have come out of anything so destructive.” “Good point. And our backup provisions aren’t going to waste here, at least. If I didn’t know any better I’d think they knew we wouldn’t end up using them.”  Continue reading