Audio – Song of Storms

(I feel like I’m being repetitive by choosing Rosetta, but…it turns out it’s been over two years since I last used their tracks. I still love Wake/Lift, so I choose this one. I’m listening to (Temet Nosce) from the same album on my fifth repeat as I type this. It’s so relaxing…on another note, no, it isn’t meant to be an Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask reference, really, but it can be one if you want.)

I have to say, for only two hours of sleeping to try and recover from illness, that left a mark on me. The third dream was the most real that a dream’s ever felt to me, from the photo-taking right down to the way I remember myself speaking. It makes me feel kinda wistful that I don’t really have any person to go on summer adventures with right now. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting the summer, but then again, we’ve had nothing but rain for the last week or two. It’s also been a while since I ended a dream by realising I was in a dream. I remember when I was younger, realising I was in a dream would make the dream turn into a nightmare, so I learned to stop doing that…I’m seriously sad that hub/centre doesn’t exist though, since it seemed like such a cool idea. Oh well…


Audio – Dialogue With the Wind

Huzzah, more Rosetta.

I kind of wrote that without thinking. Yet it felt kind of natural. Weird.

I wanted that one to feel like a weird dreamlike “dialogue with an unseen being” kind of thing.  Is it not even halfway yet? It feels like such a long time since I wrote Beyond. My favourite’s still Of Void though.

Audio – Of Void

Rosetta – Myo / The Miraculous

I kinda wanted to write something more…fairytale-like? Is that it? It was real fun to write on The Witch’s Guidance so I wanted to do it again. It was really, really difficult to not try to go for full scientific accuracy and so on because that would have ruined the whole thing. Rosetta’s music really does fit though. Funny I choose one from a later album when they weren’t so much about space. Hah.

Audio – Storm Clouds

Rosetta – Absent

I suppose this fits the tone well, storm clouds and memory and all. But if I’ve started writing dreamlogs in dream, then this could be trouble for the actual dreamlogs themselves. Or the second dreamlogs; I remember writing an actual dreamlog that made sense in the dream. It’s a return of those sorts of dreams…ugh. Those ones always annoyed me. My memory’s in bad enough shape as it is, so I hope I won’t end up writing the dreamlog in the dream instead of saving it for real life. It’s weird. But then again, only time will tell.

I’m not quite sure where that was going. I may have had a point but then I went off on that tangent. I’m sorry. (Was there a tangent? I’m listening to Rosetta’s Wake/Lift and it’s really entrancing. I’m not quite sure how incoherent that was but I really love just thinking about stuff to do with the galaxy. Not to mention that I really wish I had more chances to see the stars. Maybe I could get a place where I could go outside and listen to Rosetta. (I got the Wake/Lift CD today so I’m back into them.) But humanity has a strong will and I hope for them to last as long as possible. Logic dictates everything should have fallen apart by now. But it hasn’t. Humanity also confuses me.
Side note: I’m beginning to wonder if I ever got too astrophysics-y. I mean, it’s all basic stuff I wrote about, but still.

750 Words February Challenge Day 3 Thoughts

Audio – Willow Trees in the Fog

Artwork by Mike Wohlberg

Rosetta – Je N’en Connais Pas le Fin

Apparently that translates to “I do not know its end”. My French is really rusty and I had a horrifyingly small French vocabulary anyway, so I guess I have to take that as it is. It’s kinda apt anyway since if that hill with the poplar trees was to the left of the willow tree, then I was unable to see whatever was beyond the giant willow. I never knew how big that lake was.