Summertime Blues

Cropped header image by Cgoodwin under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Last night I dreamt my family ran a mansion in the middle of the countryside near a verdant canyon; we had somewhat of a reputation for hosting a yearly summer ball. We’d just finished updating the computer systems some time late in the afternoon, and I started the dream in the computer suite finalising the updates with some of the mansion’s other technicians. The update went smoothly, and with no problems, and I left the computer suite to take a rest. Continue reading



Header image by Kaukor under Creative Commons 3.0.

Aeons in flight, its wings blanketing over the land and protecting the very earth itself with only its presence; the creature once a myth passing over the hills and the towers sheared through the skies, cleansing the corruption born of desolation brought on by years upon years of damage caused by its supposed native species. Continue reading