I’m not quite sure where that was going. I may have had a point but then I went off on that tangent. I’m sorry. (Was there a tangent? I’m listening to Rosetta’s Wake/Lift and it’s really entrancing. I’m not quite sure how incoherent that was but I really love just thinking about stuff to do with the galaxy. Not to mention that I really wish I had more chances to see the stars. Maybe I could get a place where I could go outside and listen to Rosetta. (I got the Wake/Lift CD today so I’m back into them.) But humanity has a strong will and I hope for them to last as long as possible. Logic dictates everything should have fallen apart by now. But it hasn’t. Humanity also confuses me.
Side note: I’m beginning to wonder if I ever got too astrophysics-y. I mean, it’s all basic stuff I wrote about, but still.

750 Words February Challenge Day 3 Thoughts