So I haven’t been updating a lot recently, and I’ve explained why. I’m still preparing for Christmas, and I’m increasingly sure that I’ve somehow managed to spend hundreds on Christmas. Well, I have been going all-out this year.

So I do frequently say that I don’t fully buy into interpretations of dream meaning, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t at least get a little curious from time to time, and I do notice patterns too.

I can’t help but notice that I have been dreaming a lot about snow recently. Mostly it’s soft, quiet falling snow during one of my good days in winter, or waking up to see snow settled outside on my hometown for the first time in years. Every time I have these dreams, I feel the same excitement every time I see that layer of snow anywhere, be the field in my old school, the grass outside my home, or even a place I’ve visited or seen once or twice, like seeing the Reflecting Pool frozen over or a small river in Italy. It’s generally the same feeling; a happy, content feeling, the sort I remember for years afterwards. My love of these sorts of scenes seems to border or even reside in “childlike”, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. We don’t see snow a lot where I live, and the last time I remember snow settling here is somewhere in 2011, though when I talk about snow to other people it’s always the heavy snowfall of February 2009. (But enough of that. I always end up talking about that when I approach the subject. Though as I said, I don’t get much snow around here.)

Out of sheer curiosity from the volume of snow dreams I’ve been having, I decided to go search up what the meaning of it could be, mostly to see if the sites on the results had made up meanings based on crude literal interpretations of the many properties of snow or if there was a common interpretation among them. I’m still very sceptical of these kinds of things, as I’ve said so many times, but surprisingly, there did seem to be a common interpretation along the lines of purity, new beginnings, tranquillity and clarity.

Which, to be fair, does fit loosely. Somewhere during the summer, my outlook on life changed for the better. I’m not sure what caused it, but I’m a lot happier now, even if I’m also a lot busier. I’m living a fairly calm and peaceful life, so I guess it fits? Though it didn’t actually happen until mid to late August, and searching through my dreamlogs, I’ve been having these dreams a little before that. So that leaves me with four options: 1) My outlook been gradually changing over all that time, and those dreams were at least a little bit influenced. 2) The dreams were completely unrelated initially, but the change in my life brought them back. 3) I guess I just really like snow and wish it would snow again here. 4) They’re completely unrelated. It’s just one of those phases my dreams are going through.

Those are the main four options I can think of, anyway. It doesn’t really matter which one of those is true, if it’s even any one of them. Even with that said, these dreams only make me want snow over here even more, and it might well be feeding into a cycle of desire for snow -> dream of snow -> desire -> dream, and now that Christmas is coming up fast, I doubt it’s going to let up any time soon.

Realistically? I’m not getting my hopes up for snow and I’m not sure when I’m going to see it again, if ever. It helped a little seeing it in Toronto on a layover to the USA last year, but I very much doubt I’ll be seeing Canada again. But anyway, I’m fine getting by without any magical Christmas day snow or quiet Sundays walking across snowy fields, and I’ll forget about it in time. But even in the waking world I guess I just want to live peacefully, and snow fits that vision perfectly. (Narrowly avoided saying “I just want to live quietly”. Those of you who understand why, nice. Those who didn’t, never mind, it’s not that important. I think I just wanted to get the whole “frequent snow dreams” thing off my chest.)

I’ve been dreaming of snow very often recently…


Sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been really busy as usual recently, but I’ve started taking on Christmas shopping for family and friends early this year, in addition to birthday shopping for one or two people. I’ve also got a good few events lined up in the coming months and I’m spending almost all day every day preparing for those, so sorry for the inactivity! I just haven’t found the time to keep dreams in memory, or even write anything at all, and I’m afraid I might be inactive for the next few months as well. I haven’t been spending too much time at home either, so I don’t get as much time on the laptop…hopefully I can still post the occasional dreamlog every now and again though!

Sorry for the inactivity!

So, I’ve supposedly been resting since Story A Day. Juggling Story A Day, Comic-Con preparation as well as life in general (trying new things as usual) has strengthened me quite a bit. That’s physically, mentally and emotionally, three aspects I thought would be weakened by the whole ordeal. I was expecting to be posting this kind of thing somewhere in July, but I suppose it won’t make much difference.

Since then, I’ve constantly had a faint urge to write. Not strong enough to stop what I’m doing and go write something or spend ages trying to think of something to write, but it’s there. I suppose Story A Day has done well in its aims. Most days I find myself brainstorming stories or thinking about things I’ve already written, or even whether I remembered enough of last night’s dream to write it down on this blog. I like to believe my writing has improved greatly during May as well.

I’ve also been thinking about changing the blog a bit. Main things would be adding a header, changing the blog name and perhaps the URL, and possibly changing the theme. And actually getting an avatar, though I have no idea how to go about that one. I’m reluctant to change the name for any confusion it may generate and I’m reluctant to change the theme because I’ve grown very attached to the Dusk to Dawn theme. (It ties in very well with the theme of the blog, it allows me to do a lot with features such as headers and menus, and I just think it looks really pretty.)

Fairly early on during Story A Day, I stopped myself from seeing all notifications and any notification emails from WordPress were marked as read and redirected to another folder. I have already said that it was because otherwise I would be too self-conscious about my writing (think of it as me putting a blindfold over my eyes and just writing.)
That, I can understand. Even with that said, I realise (?) I don’t have to be afraid. I can only go so far by myself, I suppose.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like more feedback although I’m not sure if I’d really get any, so I’ll admit to being nervous on that count. Regardless, I’ll continue writing as normal. (I only have sporadic internet access now, though. Oh dear.)

In August I’m going to see if I can do Write Yourself Alive. I’d actually looked for writing challenges to do in June but found nothing. I’m considering Camp NaNoWriMo¬†although I doubt I’ll actually do it. We’ll see, I guess. It would limit my options for non-writing things, though…

WELL. I guess the only way is forward now. (And I hope I haven’t left any errors or sentences I don’t want in this.)

Update, I guess…?

I got:

Dragon Age: Last Flight



And Elantris:

ElantrisAs it turns out, I severely underestimated the nearby Waterstone’s just because it was nearby. Walked in and I was pretty amazed by all the shelves I looked through. I even had to restrain myself from buying the Bioshock book and several others…I got started on Dragon Age: Last Flight pretty quickly but had to stop when I realise it contained spoilers for the second Dragon Age game (I’ve only finished the first.)

So instead, I started on Elantris. I’m yet to finish, I’m in the late 300s as far as pages, I’ve really enjoyed it, I’d even say it got me back into books; it switches between three characters, cycling each chapter. Two characters have more political-based chapters while the other has a more adventurous feel to it. Though, of course, I got a little suspicious near the second part of the book as to the fact that things were going a bit too well. I won’t spoil whether I was justified in that suspicion or not, however. I wonder how popular this book is?


I got me two new books!

My memory’s been playing up the last month or so. I’ve been having a fair few dreams but I’ve been unable to remember any of them. I’ll try to relax during the month. I’ll see if that helps my memory. I’ve still been really busy though…no time to even work on sharpening anything. I don’t have much motivation either. Agh. I’ll see how it all turns out. I’ve kinda abandoned working on learning to draw because I come home really tired. But I might start having a go at writing again when I have the time.

Memory problems.

Just confirming that I am indeed not dead. As I have said, I’ve been pretty busy since mid-March so I can’t dedicate much time to writing. I have a monumental to-do list right now. I did have a dream last night that it was World War II and me and my family were driving away from my hometown. I remember the roads were congested; I saw the burned remains of Allied flags in the distance. The town itself was okay, but I remember everything coming to a standstill as we saw an German bomber plane emerge from the clouds. I prayed they’d simply fly over and leave us alone, as well as hoping we’d escape should our town be bombed. It was terrifying. But it was only a dream for me. To think that people actually experienced this a long time ago…it’s something I can’t imagine.

Anyway, I’ve found something called Story A Day.¬†Which is basically where you write a short story every day in May. I wrote short stories for half of February for 750 Words and that was pretty challenging so I want to try this, step it up a bit. April’s only…oh dear. I’ll still be busy in May. I might try. I’ll see how things turn out.

(Brief update)

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning this blog. Actually, I’m not sure who I’m talking to. I don’t think anybody’s paying attention to me and I’ll take the benefit of the doubt of the idea that it’s because everyone gets the general idea that I started this blog for myself. But I’ve been pretty busy lately anyway. I figure that TVTropes may be what’s poisoning my writing, thinking with the mindset of a troper really messes up writing, especially flow. I’ve been thinking of leaving but I’m not quite dissatisfied with the site yet. I’m getting rather bored with it though.

As for reading, well. Continue reading

I appear to be taking a break from this for a bit.