Short update

I wrote that one as I went along. Maybe I still do have the capacity for freewriting. I’ve been really drained/low on energy lately, so I haven’t really had the will to do much. But when I suggest to myself to do writing, I feel warm. It’s something that always seems like something good to do, no matter what mood I’m in. But that one was fun to write. I’ve had somewhat of an affinity for the ocean too, especially since Stealing Axion’s Aeons came out; in the story in the lyrics, the protagonist washes up on the shore also with no memory. He does find out he did something terrible later on, though. So kind of different? I didn’t really mean for it to be similar. Ah, well. Maybe I’ll have more energy come 2015.


I’m sorry, but I’m just so proud of this.

Have any of you seen or heard about Twitch Plays Pokemon? It’s essentially tens of thousands of people playing one game of Pokemon Red using two different systems: Anarchy (where all button inputs are put into the system) and Democracy (where the most voted-for button press is put into the system.) So, you know how you’re supposed to beat the champion at the end of the game?

WE DID IT. Well, they did it. I was asleep when this was happening…but look how co-ordinated over 90000 people are in this. And look how happy everybody is in the chat. It’s great. And I love how Zapdos made such light work of over half of Blue’s team. I love how when they came across Rhydon they eventually switched out to Nidoking to finish it. I’m sorry. I’m just so proud at such a feat. Tens of thousands of anonymous individuals and they did it in two weeks.

Yume Nikki

Banner (originally BG) by Kikiyama

Has anyone played Yume Nikki? Apparently it means “Dream Diary”. It’s about the dreams of a girl whose life and details are made incredibly unclear. It involves exploring a massive game world to collect all the “effects”. It’s been subject to a lot of interpretation, mostly about the main character’s life (Madotsuki). I played it and even had to Google a few things but I finished it. It’s an incredibly dark and disturbing game. A lot of the game has no point, but the meaning is there. It’s up for free download at the Yume Nikki Official Site. I also found a music album based on it; “Waltz for Dream Diary”, which I will post the video of (the trailer anyway, I don’t know if the CD’s available, but it’s also available as a download; see the site). I haven’t heard the trailer though, so I don’t know what it sounds like.